Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Help Wanted

I'm not going to worry about perfecting every argument before I post it -- this is a blog after all -- so I could use some help here from readers to keep me sharp. Those generally sympathetic to REC, help me make a strong case. If I'm not doing justice to a particular idea, let me know and help me to do better. Everyone else, please point out those points of my arguments that you don't find convincing. Force me to be clear and persuasive.

Thank you!


  1. Keep at it, Beetle,
    The topic is important and your writing is clear and enjoyable. I hope to read more of this blog, or participate in some way. Do you have other web writing?

  2. Hi -- I'm really glad you like it. How did you even hear about this blog? What's your background? I'm afraid I've lost steam on this project... I'm focused for the moment on writing for my day job, which is focused on communications training. Our blog is here: http://savitraining.blogspot.com/ I'm also working on a book on communications, which will take all my creative energy for a while.