Monday, July 27, 2009

Why Be Radical?

My reasons for the title "Radical Embodied Cognition":
1 - Embodied Cognition was already taken
2 - My views are outside the mainstream of embodied cognition anyhow
3 - I'm in the process of reading the pre-publication version of Anthony Chemero's Radical Embodied Cognitive Science and identify very closely with the "radical" viewpoint as he describes it
4 - I'm hoping that the publication of that book will popularize the term so that anyone coming to this blog will have at least a vague sense of my philosohpical orientation

Should Anthony Chemero happen to want this blogspot address, he is welcome to it. In the meantime, I will set out on my own in presenting an unapologetically non-representational, fully embodied theory of mind.

(Note: I believe the term radical embodied cognition was originally coined by Andy Clark, but he doesn't actually believe in it and so is very unlikely to go around blogging about it.)

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